Services We Provide

  • WINCO Construction Company forms and pours all types of Basements, from large
    commercial jobs for general contractor, Duke Construction, for their Holiday Inn Select City
    Center, to smaller single family residential homes.
  • WINCO Construction Company performs all types of waterproofing, both vertical and
    horizontal, using spray on "Poly-Wall" Protective Coatings.™ This service comes complete
    with a limited warranty.
  • WINCO Construction Company does many "Specialized" flat work jobs. A variety of colors
    and texturing stamps are available for unique applications such as on patios, driveways, and
  • WINCO Construction Company has seven different molds for its curb machine. This allows
    for numerous Municipality, Commercial, and Agricultural projects.
  • WINCO Construction Company also provides concrete pumping services for those hard to
    get at pours, such as a multiple floor building, or for when the weather doesn't allow a mixer
    truck to pour close enough. In addition, its laser sScreeding service allows huge pours to take
    place, with precision accuracy.