All About WINCO Construction Company

Our Story.

WINCO Construction Company is a leading concrete company of grade-A commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential projects in the Midwest.

Donald B. Windler established WINCO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. in January 1995. He had worked on the east coast for a large General Contractor and wanted to “come back home” and start his own company. WINCO Construction Company is a full service concrete contractor with the experience, manpower and latest equipment to complete a multi story building to a residential basement. WINCO Construction Company has successfully completed jobs from $1,000 to $5 Million Since 1995, the company continues to grow based on the quality of the service it provides, due largely to the satisfaction of it’s customers and their referral.

“Since WINCO Construction Company’s inception over 25 years ago, they have continued to grow and excel by employing the latest technology, equipment, most knowledgeable staff, and skilled tradesmen. WINCO Construction Company takes pride in working with our clients to achieve their goals and our goal of total customer satisfaction.”

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Tipp-Mont Concrete Pumping Inc.
Sister Company

TIPP-MONT Concrete Pumping, Inc..

WINCO Construction Company saw a need for  concrete pumping services.  TIPP-MONT was established in 1997 and continues to serve the concrete pumping and laser screed services for not only WINCO Construction Company, but many contractors located throughout Central and Northern Indiana and also Illinois locations.


Quality Comes First
WINCO Construction Company's construction quality management ensures high quality standards at all of the company’s sites. Next time you think concrete, think of "the company with a quality foundation".